Featured Local Union – IUPAT Glaziers Local 948

The members of Glaziers Local 948 are a versatile group accustomed to working in all kinds of weather to get the job done. They are trained to deal with both commercial installations and repairs throughout northwest Ohio and two counties in southeastern Michigan.


One day, they can be repairing a door, a closer, or maybe even a broken unit, and the next day, the task could be working on something completely different such as installing a long ribbon run or a large curtain wall.

No matter the task, this versatile Glaziers Local is up for the challenge to help enclose a building from the weather.

While the demands on the skilled men and women of Local 948 continue to increase, they have greatly benefitted from a change in equipment, change in the law, and by the push to use different glass.

Over the past 20 years, new tools have allowed glaziers to work safer and quicker. Manufacturers have also created more specialty jigs to do fabrication and layout work, which allow them to be more efficient on the jobsite.

Promedica H & W

Changes in the building laws, such as requiring the use of tempered glass, have not only helped to keep glaziers safe but also allowed them to work quicker. The move away from dangerous glass plate, which was a staple in most buildings for years, has helped reduce injuries to hands and other body parts.

IMG_0802 (2)Compared to other locals around Ohio, Local 948 is on the small side as they have 53 active members and 15 retired members. Since they are a smaller Local, it is easy for members to go from one of five area shops to another for work and fit right in because everyone pretty much knows everyone.

Do not let their numbers fool you, though. This Toledo Local has worked on a number of large and difficult projects.

One of the projects that stands out for members is working on the Glass Pavilion, which is home to the Toledo Museum of Art’s glass collection. According to the museum’s website, “The Glass Pavilion is—in itself—a work of art. All exterior and nearly all interior walls consist of large panels of curved glass, resulting in a transparent structure that blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.”

Other memorable projects include the ProMedica Hospital Renaissance project, the Huntington Center Arena, Toledo’s Bass Pro Shops, the PENTA County Vocational School and Fifth Third Stadium.

St. Charles 10.23.14

In 2015, the Local welcomed five new apprentices that will increase their membership by nearly 10 percent.

These new recruits show the traits expected of Glaziers – a good attitude, a willingness to come to work, listen, learn and have a safe and productive day.

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