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If you are unable to reach us or a ranking member of one of the 22 affiliated local trade unions, feel free to use the information on this Web site for background information and in certain situations, quotes. The section titled “Construction Issues” outlines the stance of Toledo Construction on numerous critical issues including So-Called “Right to Work,” Prevailing Wage, the importance of highly-trained workers on job sites and the value of Project Labor Agreements.

We’re familiar with the immediate nature of most deadlines in the current media era and will do our best to accommodate your request.

From electricians, plumbers, carpenters and painters to roofers, insulators, cement masons, and many more, the members of Toledo Construction are consistently meeting the professional construction challenges across our Northwest Ohio landscape. Further, our members are the most skilled and highly trained in the building and construction industry, which means we have experts to provide context to a myriad of stories.

We’re happy to provide experts to discuss consumer affairs stories, including how to avoid being scammed. Also, other members of Toledo Construction have the resources and experience to speak about many breaking news stories (gas leaks, water main breaks and sprinkler systems) and a wide variety of trend stories (green energy, lead paint testing or security systems).

Frankly, the complete list of opportunities is too lengthy to list. But since we built most of this community and we live here, we’re certain our expertise can enhance your piece.

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