Union Advantage

Union contracts allow employers and workers to agree on terms of fair wages, benefits and safety precautions that protect employees throughout their careers. These protections increase the strength of the workforce by increasing workers’ morale, productivity and motivation due to the fact workers can easily approach management about issues and secure a fair settlement of any grievances.

Union training provides OSHA safety training classes to reduce accidents, injuries, downtime and workers’ compensation costs. Studies show that skilled, unionized construction workers are safer, involved in fewer accidents and suffer less loss-time injuries than their nonunion counterparts.

Unions also support programs to promote healthy and safe job sites through drug testing and treatment programs provided by the unions for their members. Through a commitment to a drug-free workplace, unions help their members meet the very highest standards of workplace safety, lower absenteeism and risk of accidents, increase morale, lower workers’compensation and medical costs, and decrease the risk for theft and violence on the job.  A drug-free workplace produces higher production and, therefore, a better final result for both contractors and project owners.